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​​​​​​Leading Edge Optical offers a wide range of thin film options to custom fit your optics and crystal R&D or OEM needs.

  • Electron Beam Deposition
  • Ion Assist Deposition
  • Resistance Evaporated Deposition
  • Ion Beam Sputtering

We understand that there are different approaches to solving a customers coating challenges as well as their benefits and disadvantages.  These techniques are utilized to supply the proper dielectric and metal coatings for each application.  Taking into account requirements such as damage threshold, durability and operational wavelengths as well as time and expense constraints, a wide array of thin film options are utilized to supply innovative solutions to meet the customer's requirements.  ​

  • 100% inspection of every component
  • Spectrophotometer traces supplied with every shipment
  • Laser tested reflectivity as required
  • Damage Threshold Certification upon request​